“Service Company” LLC

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LLC “Service Company” has been operating in the ship repair market since 1994 and has extensive experience in repairing both small-tonnage vessels and large freezing trawlers, fish canneries, bulk carriers and transport refrigerators.

The staff of the enterprise consists of highly qualified specialists of engineering and working specialties with extensive experience in ship repair, in the number of 37 people. In addition, it is possible to attract specialists on a contractual basis to perform certain types of work.

The length of the capital berth is 130 m, capable of receiving vessels with a draft of up to 3 m, the length of the floating berth is 106 m, capable of receiving vessels with a draft of 6-12 m. It is possible to supply the received vessels with electricity (380 V, up to 250 A.H for each vessel, up to 3 vessels at the same time) and fresh water.

Ship repair
– Repair of electrical equipment
– Elements of electrical equipment
– Rubber products
– Completion works
– Parts and assemblies of machines and mechanisms
– Repair of hatch closures
– Water- and gas-tight doors

Repair of metal structures
– Repair of metal structures, replacement of defective and damaged areas
– Wireframes
– Foundations
– Forms
– Repair of ship pipelines and shut-off valves
– Tanks
– Capacities

Repair of ship mechanisms
– Diesel engines
– DC and AC electric motors
– Switchboards
– Installation and rewiring of cable routes
– Heat exchangers
– Lifting devices
– Marine pumps


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