“DKL-product” LLC

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DKL-product is the first fishing company where the whole process from catching to packing fish into food polypropylene trays is carried out directly in the sea.

The whole process of frozen fish production takes place exclusively in the sea: we catch fish in the sea, sort and freeze them in the sea. From catching fish to its complete freezing, the technological process takes only a few hours, which excludes the presence of lopanets and flabby consistency of fish after its defrosting.

Over the past 2 years, German Gea compressors have been installed on the vessels of our organization, thanks to which the freezing speed has been reduced to a record 100 minutes for 8 tons of fish and daily freezing up to 90 tons of fish, of excellent quality!

All products are certified according to TU standards and GOST standards of the Russian Federation. Production and products meet the highest quality standards. We are always open to new technologies.