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Any trip will be unforgettable if it includes a small boat trip, a speedboat or a sailing yacht. Yachts for every taste are ordered for absolutely different purposes. Avid fishermen like to rent a boat for a fishing party, and couples with children rent a boat for a soothing and educational walk. A yacht vacation is very popular, for which the ship is rented for a few days. Such a sea holiday is the highlight that is missing in people’s lives. A vacation on a cruise yacht in the Crimea will help you really relax and gain strength, unlike an ordinary, extraordinary vacation in a hotel.

Popular swimming facilities in Sevastopol

The vessel is selected individually in accordance with the wishes of the customer. The most popular are such types of yachts and other swimming facilities:

  • Yacht for companies. You can invite a lot of friends to a party on such a yacht – a big company that will have fun until morning under the night sky.
  • Catamaran for couples. Couples who like to spend time outdoors can rent a catamaran and admire the views from the sea.
  • Sails for a romantic trip. Sailing yachts are the subject of novels with a happy ending. That is why couples in love choose dates on sailing yachts – this sets the most tender and loving atmosphere, and such a date will definitely remain in memory for a long time.
  • Cruise yachts. It is led by the captain, and you rest for a few days with a view of the sea and mountains. You have your own cruise cabin, and the rest is more like a fairy tale – you do nothing and enjoy the beauty and ease.
  • Yachts-restaurants. It allows you to spend any holiday associated with a feast. Booking a banquet in a yacht restaurant for the New Year or someone’s birthday is a great gift.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Sevastopol

Yacht rental is not a fixed service. To calculate the amount and price of renting a swimming facility, you need to take into account many factors. So, what factors are taken into account when calculating the cost:

  • The length of the route. The route can be long or short – the rental time and price depend on it.
  • Rental time. How many hours or days you plan to book a ship is also an important factor when calculating the price.
  • Skipper. Yacht management team services are included in the price.
  • Type of walk – an extreme walk, holiday or excursion.

Differences between yacht rental and boat trips

Yacht rental and boat trip are types of recreation from the same family, but still radically different from each other. The fact is that a yacht and a boat are a priori different types of swimming vessels. And not only in this. Also, it is important to understand that renting a yacht is quite an expensive pleasure for people who are willing to spend a few days on a yacht. Sometimes you can rent it and manage it yourself, according to the route you actually created. Yacht rental provides a field for creative activity and can take several days. A boat trip usually does not last long. This is an inexpensive and cool option if you wanted to take a little break from the usual flow of your vacation and go on a little water trip. Boat rental is a great entertainment for adults and children. You can also invite a guide who will tell you a lot of interesting facts about our peninsula.

Advantages of renting yachts and boats in Sevastopol for Flotum

Flotum offers a variety of yachts and boats for every taste. An order for a Flotum is:

  • Convenience. Order or book a vessel online through a special order form.
  • Diversity. We have all types of swimming facilities available: catamarans, sailing and motor boats and boats.
  • Low prices for yacht and boat rentals. We don’t take extra.
  • Opportunities. The list of our services includes cooks, skippers, fishing from a boat, other catering and entertainment for your holiday.
  • Reliability. Our captains have experience of driving a float. facilities. With our professionals on board, you can forget about everything and enjoy your vacation on the yacht.