IE Strizhkov Nikita Valerievich

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The enterprise IE “Strizhkov N.V.” is part of a group of companies whose activities are carried out in the field of fish farming, extraction, processing of aquatic biological resources, construction of fish processing and refrigeration complexes using the most advanced technologies. The company specializes in the cultivation of shellfish, as well as in the processing of fish and seafood at its own fish processing plant in Sevastopol. We are a reliable supplier of live, chilled and frozen products.

We are constantly expanding our product range and take the quality of the goods in the most serious way. All products shipped by us have high-quality packaging and full documentary support. The company has a strict quality control system for its products. We sell only high-quality, proven goods, observing all the requirements and standards of storage. All products are certified and regularly undergo veterinary control.

Our goal is a long–term partnership with you and mutually beneficial cooperation!


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