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The Micron-V company is a Russian manufacturer of filling and packaging and non–standard equipment, dough-rolling machines.

Since 2000, the Micron-V company, using its own developments and know-how, has been producing high-quality equipment, helping its customers from Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan to solve their business problems.

After all, our equipment meets international standards for equipment of this class, and is confidently ahead of its Chinese and European competitors in the price-quality ratio.

It will definitely suit you if you want to take your business to a new level, increase productivity or launch a new direction.

Our specialization is filling and packaging machines and production lines for filling liquids. We produce:

  • Sealers of plastic and laminate tubes of various degrees of automation
  • Tube filling machines and semi-automatic machines
  • Dispensers of paste-like and liquid products
  • Applicators (labelers) of self-adhesive labels
  • Dough-rolling machines, manual and electric
  • Automatic machines for packing liquid and bulk products in “stick”, “sachet”, “pillow” packaging
  • Other non-standard equipment

✅ By creating equipment for you, we make it high-performance, easy to handle and reliable. After all, these requirements allow you to achieve the goals of your business and make your customers happy. We produce equipment only from high-quality steel and materials that we receive from trusted suppliers.

✅ The availability of all necessary conditions (availability of equipment, qualified workers and strong engineering and design staff, people, experts in their field) allows us to provide a full cycle of continuous continuous production in the required number of mechanisms of high complexity with an accuracy of 1 micron.

That is why we can guarantee the high quality of our products and their compliance with the declared characteristics and functions performed.

✅ What can we be proud of? We confidently occupy high positions in the niche of production of packaging and non-serial individual equipment. In 2004, they became the employer of the year. Some items of filling and packaging equipment included in our line have no analogues and are simply not produced in Russia.

For more than 10 years, our company has been performing part of the machine and engineering design work on a permanent and exclusive basis for the branded wineries Massandra, Inkerman, Sevastopol Winery, Zolotaya Balka and others. There are some types of work that no one else in Crimea does.

✅ In order to provide a quality service, we train you to configure, install and use your equipment.

The company “Micron-V”. With an accuracy of up to a micron.

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