“Orekhi Kryma” LLC

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Delicious from Crimea is a unique healthy food product made from selected Crimean fruits, fruits and berries.
These are our dreams come true.
Dream No. 1. To introduce as many residents of our big country as possible to the real Crimean taste and aroma, while preserving the maximum amount of vitamins and trace elements!
Dream No. 2. To make a piece of the Crimean summer available anywhere, even in space, at any time of the year!

Our Fruit, Berry and Fruit “Chips” are crunchy treats. And our Fruit and Berry “Smoothies”, delicious treats that are created to make your life easier.
All our products are produced by soft drying method with the clever name Lyophilization. Therefore, in each pack you will find only pleasure and benefit!

“Chips” and “Smoothies” are suitable both for independent healthy eating, and as a useful addition to the usual diet. In the cinema or on the road, at work or on vacation – our fruit and fruit slices, airy berries and loose powders will give you a boost of energy, and their delicate taste and aroma will set the right mood.

“Chips” and “Smoothies” “Delicious from the Crimea” – taking care of yourself and loved ones in every piece.

VK: https://vk.com/vkusnoizkrima
Telegram: t.me/vkusnoizkrima