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Sevastopol strawberry “AVTEND” has been growing a unique strawberry berry for more than 3 years.

Why strawberries?

It’s simple, everyone loves it: bright, fragrant, delicious and very useful – such a berry pleases both children and adults at any time of the year. So the idea came to open a strawberry farm.

This particular variety, the Italian selection of Murano, was not chosen by chance. It has large and sweet berries, with high taste characteristics, and also has good transport qualities. Dense juicy pulp retains its freshness for a long time. But the biggest advantage of this variety is that it is remontant, which means that it bears fruit from early spring to late autumn!

Since February 2020, the farm has been growing and selling high-quality and environmentally friendly strawberries to customers of Sevastopol.

The farm received support from the My Business Center, namely: a website, advertising on the radio, brand development, as well as the installation of an advertising billboard. This gave a good opportunity to start.
The company does not stop there, there are many plans ahead. The farm is engaged in the development of agrotourism, arranges interesting educational excursions around the farm. There are also plans to open their own line of wines, the development of wine production and tourism.


More and more people prefer eco-tourism, coming on vacation or on weekends to places where you can relax from the beach and city bustle and immerse yourself in nature.
The farm opens its doors for the youngest, for younger and middle-aged children, as well as for their parents and invites them on an excursion to the strawberry farm!

Visiting schedule: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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