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LLC “SSV” is one of the major suppliers of fish of its own catch and freezing. Frozen hamsa, frozen sprat, frozen horse mackerel, anchovy hamsa.

The company LLC “SSV” is the owner of SRTM-K “Dmitry”. This is an average fishing freezing trawler forage trawling.

The production process takes place entirely at sea, on a ship. From the sea to the trawl, from the trawl with a vacuum fish pump, the fish is poured into cooled baths and from them via a mesh conveyor with a modular belt enters the sorting complex, which is located right on the deck.

The uniqueness of the sorting complex allows you to sort fish of the same size in the shortest possible time without injuring the fish. Sorted fish is served to the shop for freezing, which is called “live”. The feed is also carried out via a mesh conveyor with a perforated tape, washing the fish with running seawater. This stage allows you to get rid of excess fish scales.

In the workshop, the fish is packed in a polyethylene liner, placed in a block form and sent for freezing in tile horizontal apparatuses (contact shock freezing). After a couple of hours, the products are ready.

The packing process begins. Sorted large fish of the first grade is packed in a corrugated pack of two layers of 11kg, the weight of the pack is 22kg.
Sorted small fish, or fish that does not meet the standard for other reasons, is packed in a polypropylene bag of three layers with a total weight of 33 kg.

Depending on the fishing situation, the vessel can process up to 60 tons per day.
The capacity of the freezing holds in which fish products are delivered to the shore is 260 tons.

We guarantee the high quality of our products. The declared gradation by grades always corresponds to reality. We provide all the necessary accompanying documents.

ITN 9204013621; BIN 1149204027818

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