Trading house “Aquamarine group” LLC

The company traces its history back to 1960 and is an integral part of the former Sevastopol Oceanic Fisheries Department (1960-1967), Sevastopol Trawl Fleet Management (1967-1972), Sevastopol State Enterprise “Atlantic” (1972-1996), which were created in connection with the development of Soviet fishermen fishing areas in the southern latitudes of the World Ocean.

Since 2019, the fish canning combine “Aquamarine” has been part of a group of companies under the general management of “Trading House “Aquamarine-Group” LLC (Moscow) The fish canning combine “Aquamarine” produces exclusively natural canned food, the following groups:

• natural in oil;
• natural with the addition of oil;
• fish and vegetables;
• in tomato sauce;
• pates, pastes, souffles;
• dietary;
• other (canned ukha, mussels, krill).

The taste, as well as the aromatic properties of the product at the same time, depend on the natural properties of raw materials and ingredients, such as: salt, vegetable oil, smoke, etc. As a result, the contents of canned food acquire a specific taste, color and aroma.