Fish preserves

Fish preserves are a product that does not undergo heat treatment, due to which the main amount of proteins and vitamins is preserved in fish.

Usually fresh, chilled and frozen fish are used. It is cut into fillets, and then salted.

Preserves in oil-based filling make up a classic assortment. Various spices are also used for pickling.

Of the fish marinades, the most common preserves are pickled herring and herring in mustard sauce. Only carcasses, pieces and fillets of sufficiently fatty herring are marinated. Herring in mustard sauce differs from pickled in that the composition of the marinade filling, in addition to salt, sugar, vinegar and spices, also includes mustard. This gives the product more sharpness and a special flavor.

Packaging: Plastic packaging is most often used, as many marinades can oxidize pure metal. Sometimes glass containers are used in production.

Usage: There are many recipes with fish preserves. However, more often these preserves act as an independent snack – for example, sandwiches.

Preserves should preferably be kept in a cold place or consumed immediately after purchase, since their shelf life is not long.

Preserves from Black Sea fish have long established themselves on the market and are very popular, thanks to their quality and, of course, taste!

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