Guided tours of the vineyard

Le K2 Winery

Visit the highest mountain winery in Russia!

1. Daily program
Using the example of the terroir Le K2, we will tell you how the soil and climate affect the wine.
You will learn what rootstock and graft are and immerse yourself in the world of viticulture
Learn how to make axes and take a walk through a young vineyard with a glass of sparkling wine
You will see an old Roman road and unique terraced gardens

The tour includes:
-a glass of sparkling wine
-a glass of spring water
– an unforgettable experience

2. Evening program
The first part of the program is like in the afternoon:
– an axe
– immersion in viticulture

But the second part will be a wine tasting of the Sevastopol terroir, comparative, from 6 positions.
No one will leave hungry either – we have prepared a hearty set of local cheeses and meat snacks from the best manufacturers.
And in the final we will watch as the sun goes straight into the sea, flooding the young vines and their burnt valley with warm light.

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