Golden Fish LLC

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The main activity is mining and processing (freezing and processing) fish of the Black Sea basin: vessels carry out fishing for Black Sea sprat, Black Sea hamsa, Black Sea anchovy, horse mackerel, aterine, tulka and bullhead.
The average daily freezing of one fish freezing vessel is from 30 to 60 tons per day. Depending on the place of fishing, all vessels are based and unloaded in ports Sevastopol or Kerch. More than 45 thousand tons of frozen, chilled and salted finished products are produced per year.
The fish is caught and frozen in the sea. The whole process of frozen fish production takes place exclusively in the sea, we catch fish in the sea, sort and freeze them in the sea. From catching fish to its complete freezing, the technological process takes only a few hours, which excludes the presence of lopanets and flabby consistency of fish after its defrosting.
Additional equipment is installed on each vessel: modern vacuum reloaders, ice generators, liquid ice, imported coolers, unique sorting complexes that allow the production of frozen fish products of high quality and of the same size range (for example: hamsu size 9+, 10+, 12+) and exclude the presence of fish scales in the finished frozen product.