IE Fedotov Andrey Vladimirovich

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Production of industrial 3-in-1 stainless steel smokehouses for business, with delivery throughout Russia. The smokehouses comply with the standards of the UFSF.


  • Own production
  • Environmental materials
  • High quality
  • Large model range
  • Smokehouses operating according to the correct smoking technology.


Using salt, spices and smoke, you will get fragrant delicacies that will cause an appetite at the sight alone.

Maintaining a temperature of 25-28 ° C in the chamber, you will be able to smoke cold smoking by the classical method for 8 hours or with the function of electrostatics, which accelerates the process of settling smoke by 5 times.

At a temperature of 80-90 °With hot smoking occurs. For less weight loss and faster cooking, a steam generator is provided, which you can purchase separately.