PH (farm) Baboshin Mikhail Andreevich

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The main activity of the company is the production of milk and dairy products.

Farm cheeses are made from goat’s milk from their own goats, more than 15 types: soft with noble white mold and semi-hard of varying degrees of aging according to the author’s recipe and technology, as well as other types of farm products.

Cheeses are produced on professional equipment according to the author’s recipe and technology in limited batches on a small family farm. A family farm is a guarantee of personal responsibility for the quality of products.

Only whole goat milk from own dairy goats is used for production, the milk of which is characterized by high fat content, absence of any smell and excellent taste qualities.

Everyone can visit the family farm, get acquainted with the peculiarities of keeping and breeding goats, participate in feeding the goats with milk, take pictures with them and have fun, taste the author’s goat cheeses, tomato jam, tea rose jam and two types of desserts: goat cream ice cream.

To clarify any information, book a tasting tour or order delivery, please call +7 (978) 739-93-12


ИП Бабошин Михаил Андреевич            ИП Бабошин Михаил Андреевич